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Restless, She’s So Rad

Seeing these guys later tonight

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M83 | You, Appearing

Just came across this today… definitely worth a listen: Sever (by iamamiwhoami)

Plan B - ill Manors

Just realised in my silence I never posted this video! Some are calling it the protest song of this generation, if you haven’t seen it, check it out.

(by Rokkit)

This track is very smooth… Born Whole

Doe Paoro hails from Brooklyn and has a new album out on her website.


Beach House - Myth

This has been on regular play the past couple of weeks.

Beach House on YouTube

I’d heard this a few times before and always missed who’d remixed the track. Great stuff from Bass Machines - find them on twitter @bassmachines613

This one caught me off guard till I saw it making waves online. Here is the first of many long awaited tracks from Fiona Apple, Every Single Night.